• Philosophy

Public Devotion is a Virtue of the Learned.

  • Vision


  • Identity

Students with Community Involvement.

  • Uniqueness

Being Reliable for Society.

  • Mission

1. Producing graduates who are skilled in accordance with the needs of society and the country.

2. Creating research and innovation of international quality.

  • Pledge

Committed to producing graduates in science with academic excellence, morality and ethics, and also to develop research and academic services that can bring local knowledge and resources to develop for the best benefit of the community, society and the country.

  • Core valuse

Lifelong Learning.

  • Character


  • Strategic Planning

1. Producing graduates that meet the needs of the world society.

2. Creating research and innovation for international excellence. Strategy.

3. Providing academic services to meet industrial and civil society needs.

4. Promoting northeastern art and culture to be outstanding internationally.

5. Managing the organization for a smart-university.

  • Core Competency

Expertise in study and utilization of local resources for innovation development.

  • Policy on Administration and Development of Faculty of Science (2018-2021)

1. The Faculty offers courses that supported country development (Short Course - Regular Course).

2. The Faculty of Science focuses on teaching and learning that develops skills for students.

3. All programs must integrate teaching, learning, research, academic service between departments, faculties, and internal and external departments.

4. Graduates have higher employment rates and have desirable qualifications to meet the needs of graduate users.

5. The Faculty of Science has research published in standard international academic journals and appears in the Scopus / ISI database of not less than 100% of the faculty members.

6. The Faculty of Science encourages research works that can be applied for commercial purposes.

7. The Faculty of Science has an increasing number of instructors in higher academic rank, accounting for 90 per cent of all instructors.

8. The Faculty of Science has financial and fiscal stability to support educational administration and corporate management.

9. The Faculty of Science is accredited as the top 5 leading schools of science in the country.