Asst. Prof. Dr Piyaporn SAENSOUK, a SCIMSU researcher, and Assoc. Prof. Dr Surapon SAENSOUK, a researcher from Walai Rukhavej Botanical Research Institute, discovered Kaempferia mahasarakhamensis sp. nov. (Zingiberaceae), a new species from Northeastern Thailand.

ABSTRACT: Kaempferia mahasarakhamensis sp. nov. (Zingiberaceae), a new species from Northeastern Thailand, is described, photographed and illustrated. It can be easily recognized by its erect and elongate psuedostem, length of leaf sheaths and leaves elliptic with apex acuminate. The new species resembles K. larsenii Sirirugsa but it differs in its two leaves, pseudostem high, blade broadly elliptic, leaf apex acute, length of leaf sheath, length of petiole, number flower per inflorescence, white flower and labellum white with two darker purple patches towards the base.

KEYWORDS: Kaempferia mahasarakhamensis; Maha Sarakham; New species; Thailand; Zingiberaceae.

Kaempferia mahasarakhamensis: A. plant habit, showing leafy stem, rhizome and storage root, B. flower, C. top view of flower, D. bracteole, E. calyx tube, F. dorsal corolla lobe, G. lateral corolla lobe, H. bract, I. labellum, J. lateral staminode, K. anther with anther crest, L. ovary (scale bars; A= 5 cm; B-L = 1 cm), Drawing by Surapon Saensouk.
Kaempferia mahasarakhamensis: A. Habit, B. Habit showing rhizome and pseudostem, C. Habit showing rhizome and inflorescence, D. Fruit (arrow), E. Flower, Photos taken from the type locality by Surapon Saensouk.

Kaempferia mahasarakhamensis Saensouk & P. Saensouk, sp. nov

Etymology: The specific epithet of the new species is collected from ‘Maha Sarakham Province’, the first discover place.

Distribution: Endemic to Thailand, which is found only in Doonlamphan Hunting Area, Na Chueak District, Maha Sarakham Province, Northeastern, Thailand.

Ecology: It grows on an open area and under the shade of dry deciduous forests and mixed deciduous forests. It appears only in the rainy season.

Vernacular Names: Wan-Toob-Moob-Sarakham (ว่านตูบหมูบสารคาม)

Uses: The young leaves and rhizomes of this new species are used asa vegetable and eaten with local food

Saensouk, S. and Saensouk, P.  2019. Kaempferia mahasarakhamensis sp. nov. (Zingiberaceae), a New Species from Northeastern Thailand. Taiwania. 64(1): 39-42. DOI: 10.6165/tai.2019.64.39