Masters Programs in Science

Level up your skills and knowledge in science with one of our master's degrees. Our Master's degree programs offer a research training pathway to a PhD or the workforce.

1) M.Sc. (Biology)

The program focuses on the development of biologists to be proficient in the field of biological sciences, as well as to be a moral and ethical person in the use of biotechnology knowledge to benefit society and the nation.

2) M.Sc. (Chemistry)

Graduates with a Master of Science in Chemistry degree will be competent in all techniques that they might encounter in the laboratory. They will also be able to undertake research regarding organic chemistry, chemical analysis, physical chemistry or biochemistry.

3) M.Sc. (Energy)

This program focuses on developing graduates to have advanced knowledge in energy technology, energy management and planning that is in line with the global situation. Graduates can apply their knowledge appropriately and be able to disseminate the appropriate use of energy technology and energy conservation in accordance with the sufficiency and sustainability pathways at the community, local and national levels.

4) M.Sc. (Mathematics)

Graduates of this program will gain advanced knowledge in both mathematics and applied mathematics. Not only do they conduct research to find new mathematical knowledge, but they can also apply this to solve real life problems.

5) M.Sc. (Mathematics Education)

This program aims to produce graduates who are competent in academics and mathematics teaching. They are also capable of researching and developing educational programs, as well as understanding philosophy and mathematical learning for effective curriculum development and teaching.

6) M.Sc. (Microbiology)

This program strives to produce quality graduates who are experts in microbiology regarding the food industry, agriculture, environment, medicine and biotechnology. In addition, graduates are able to conduct innovative and creative research from local to global scales.

7) M.Sc. (Physics)

This program focuses on materials science study, including ceramic materials, semiconductor materials, magnetic materials, polymers and thin films. Graduates will also develop new knowledge about synthetic materials.

8) M.Sc. (Science Education)

This program aims to develop science teachers of all disciplines and to encourage them to have higher qualifications and experience. It also strives to strengthen graduates to be a model of scientific thinking and action, plus to be a leader in research and development of science teaching and learning.

9) M.Sc. (Statistical Management Science)

The program strives to produce quality graduates who can effectively apply statistical management in the development of natural resources, the environment as well as the economic system.