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The Faculty of Science provides the intellectual nucleus around which the academic life of the university revolves. The faculty emphasizes a curriculum that strives to help our students understand the impact of science and mathematics on society and the interdependence of all people. The faculty began in 1968 as a subdivision of the College of Education, Mahasarakham but later became an independent faculty in 1994. It is divided into four departments; chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology as well as research units covering many areas of science and applied science. In addition to producing graduates with expertise in many areas of pure and applied science, the faculty places emphasis on the teaching processes, as well as on research for environmental protection, conservation and utilization of biodiversity and bio-mass energy available in rural areas. The faculty has also gained a reputation for utilizing scientific knowledge in solving problems in local communities. The primary aim of the faculty is to prepare students for a wide variety of career and post-graduate educational opportunities in science that will enable them to become well-informed citizens in an increasingly complex world.

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Research Units
Faculty of Science at Mahasarakham University or Sci@MSU has the main mission to enhance research quality up to international excellence. We are doing research covering various areas and expertise from basic to applied sciences, and frontier to innovation researches. We are home to twenty-one research units at the heart of discovery.



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