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The Faculty of Science, Mahasarakham University was established on the 27th March, 1968,
it was originally the Mahasarakham College of Education tasked with producing quality teachers to
be leaders in the countryside. In 1974, Mahasarakham College of Education was included as a branch
campus of the Prasarnmitr College of Education, which was upgraded to university status and named
‘Srinakharinwirot University’ and the name of ‘Mahasarakham College of Education’ was changed to
‘Srinakharinwirot University, Mahasarakham campus’. In addition the original curriculums were
changed, to train scientists. This caused the Faculty of Science to change its interesting into research
with an extend range. The first original research was related to agriculture, especially in nutrition, in
which there was a lot of work needed; the research was lead by Assist. Prof. Warakorn
Waraassawapati. The research undertaken by the Faculty of Science then diversified and lead to the
Faculty of Technology being established.

In 1994, Srinakharinwirot University changed its structure to in dependent status, became
Mahasarakham University, which was Thailand’s 22nd Government University.

Over the years, the Faculty of Science has attempted to continuously produce high quality graduates
and research; such as the first Palaeontology curriculum program (International Programme) in Thailand
and establishment of the first Natural Medicinal Mushroom Museum in Southeast Asia which blends folk
wisdom and science to benefit the local communities.


Through Wisdom and Morality, Science Achieves Prosperity.


Being an academic and research leader who create and bring local wisdom to universality. 


1) create desirable and quality graduates corresponding to the country’s demand.
2) create quality research and new body of knowledge as well as implement them as appropriate.
3) provide the society academic service in collaborative ways in order to build a vigorous and sustainable community.
4) conserve, promote and disseminate the art and culture of Northeastern Thailand.
5) manage the organization with efficient administrative principles.


The Faculty of Science aims at creating graduates with both academic excellence and ethical principles. Furthermore, the Faculty encourages research development and academic service which harmoniously integrate local wisdom into science for the public’s best interest.


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