Asst. Prof. Dr Piyaporn SAENSOUK, a SCIMSU researcher, and Assoc. Prof. Dr Surapon SAENSOUK, a researcher from the Walai Rukhavej Botanical Research Institute, discovered Kaempferia phuphanensis (Zingiberaceae), a new species from northeastern Thailand.

Kaempferia phuphanensis Saensouk & P. Saensouk, sp. nov

Kaempferia phuphanensis is similar to K. marginata Carey and K. galanga L., but it differs in having rhizome dark red outside and anther-crest crenate at apex. A dark red color on the underside and margin of the leaves, petiole, bracts and bracteoles is also characteristic of this species.

Distribution: Endemic to Thailand, only known from the type locality.

Ecology: It grows in dry deciduous forest at ca. 500 m alt. and appears only in the rainy season.

Phenology: Flowering and fruiting in rainy season (May–June).

Vernacular name: Toob-Moob-Ta-Mu-Ta-Mi (Ta-Mu-Ta-Mi means cute). (ว่านตูบหมูบตะมุตะมิ)

Uses: The young leaves and rhizomes are used as vegetable.

Saensouk, S. and Saensouk, P. 2019. Kaempferia phuphanensis (Zingiberaceae), a New Species from Thailand. The Journal of Japanese Botany. 94(3): 149–152.


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