Find staff contact details in our directories of academic and supporting staff in the Faculty of Science.

Name (EN)PositionEmailDepartment
Ajin RattanapanAssistant of Biology
Akeapot of Biology
Amornrat LaikotHead of Secretary Office
Anantya AnantayasethiAssistant of Mathematics
Ansaya ThonphoAssistant of Chemistry
Anunsa Office
(Academic and Student Development Group)
Anusorn SangprajakAssistant of Physics
Anuwat WanthongAssistant of Biology
Aphidech SangdeeAssociate of Biology
Apichaya Classrooms in University-Affiliated
School Project (SCiUSMSU)
Apirada Office
(Academic and Student Development Group)
Artit ChingsungnoenAssistant of Physics
Aurawan RittidechAssociate of Physics
Banchob WannoAssistant of Chemistry
Bang-on KongimAssociate of Biology
Bhuvadol GomonteanAssistant of Biology
Bung-on ThaewnongiwAssistant of Biology
Bussaya MoonsrikaewEducator (Bachelor Program Coordinator) Office
(Academic and Student Development Group)
Butsakorn KongeadAssistant of Mathematics
Butsara of Biology
Chaidan SaenphannaAdministration Officechaidan.spn.1977@gmail.comDepartment of Physics
Chaiphat of Physics
Chalermpong of Mathematics
Chalongchai KhanarongAssistant of Mathematics
Chananya NamueangrakSupply Analyst, Practitioner Office
(Policy and Finance Group)
Chanidaporn TumpeesuwanAssistant of Biology
Chatthai KaewtongAssociate of Chemistry
Chawalit BoonpokAssociate of Mathematics
Chawiwan PhannasriScientistrw.wansri@gmail.comDepartment of Biology
Chokchai ViriyapongAssistant of Mathematics
Chuthep PhannasriScientistchuthep2515@gmail.comDepartment of Biology
Darin of Physics
Daruni BoonchariAssistant of Mathematics
Decha BootwongEducatorbootwong_d@hotmail.comDepartment of Biology
Egkaphon of Physics
Hathaithip UdchachonAssociate of Biology
Inthira of Mathematics
Issara ThaneeAssistant of Biology
Janjira of Physics
Jatuporn of Mathematics
Jeeranunt KampakdeeAssistant of Mathematics
Jenjira JirumScientistjenjira.jirum@gmail.comDepartment of Chemistry
Jessada ChureemartAssociate of Physics
Jirapa of Biology
Jitlada VichapongAssociate of Chemistry
Jongjai SuvannatatAdministration Office
(Administration Group)
Jumpol of Physics
Juthaporn SeangpajakAssistant of Biology
Kamolhathai WangwasitAssistant of Biology
Kamonchat TrachooAssistant of Mathematics
Kanit of Biology
Kanitsara of Biology
Kansiri PakkethatiAssistant of Chemistry
Khamphan WongsapGeneral OfficerSecretary Office
(Administration Group)
Khanitta SomtrakoonAssociate of Biology
Khemmanant KhamthongAssistant of Mathematics
Khongvit PrasitnokAssistant of Chemistry
Khwanruan NaksuwankulAssociate of Biology
Kiartisak ChampadaengTechnicianSecretary Office
(Administration Group)
Kittisak SaengsuraAssistant of Mathematics
Komsorn LauprasertAssistant of Biology
Kridsanaphong of Physics
Kriengkrai NamputthaAudio-Visual Technical Officer, Practitioner Office
(Administration Group)
Kriengkrai PonhongAssistant of Chemistry
Krisakorn PasanaiAssociate of Physics
Kwanruthai WongsapromAssistant of Physics
Maliwan PhattarachaleekulAssistant of Mathematics
Mangkon of Chemistry
Mattanaporn SansakAdministration Office
(Academic and Student Development Group)
Metinee MeekulaAdministration Classrooms in University-Affiliated
School Project (SCiUSMSU)
Monchaya ChiangpraditAssistant of Mathematics
Mongkol UdchachonAssociate of Biology
Montri ThongmoonAssistant of Mathematics
Muntana NakornriabAssistant of Chemistry
Nadtanet NunthabootAssociate of Chemistry
Napassanan SrisarakhamAssistant of Mathematics
Netnapit SriinnoiFinance and Accounting Analyst, Practitioner LevelSecretary Office
(Policy and Finance Group)
Nipaporn ChutimanAssociate of Mathematics
Nitisak of Physics
Nittiya RattanaAdministration Officer, Practitioner Office
(Administration Group)
Nongluk ViriyapongAssistant of Mathematics
Nongnuch of Mathematics
Nonthiwat Taesuk
Department of Biology
Noppakun PakdeenarongAssistant of Biology
Nuchsupha SunthamalaAssistant of Biology
Onanong CheerarotAssistant of Chemistry
Onuma KaewklaAssociate of Biology
Orawich KumphonAssociate of Mathematics
Orrasa In-noiAssistant of Chemistry
Oue-artorn RajachanAssistant of Chemistry
Pairat TamsaengAssistant of Physics
Pairot of Biology
Paitoon of Mathematics
Panida LoutchanwootAssistant of Biology
Parichard KrungnokAdministration Officeparichard.par@gmail.comDepartment of Chemistry
Parita Office
(Academic and Student Development Group)
Pasakorn BunchaleeAssistant of Biology
Pattamavadee of Biology
Pattanapol MeenaAssociate of Physics
Patthraporn of Chemistry
Paveena LaokulAssistant of Physics
Pavitchaya of Chemistry
Phanwadee ChureemartAssociate of Physics
Phitsanu PoolcharuansinAssistant of Physics
Phong ChaimuangpakComputer Technical of Mathematics
Pichai JumpangchanDriverSecretary Office
(Administration Group)
Pinya of Mathematics
Piyada SutthipunyoFinance and Accounting Analyst, Practitioner Levelpsbhim@gmail.comSecretary Office
(Policy and Finance Group)
Piyamas Nanork SopaladawanAssociate of Biology
Piyanete ChantiratikulAssociate of Chemistry
Piyanut KhanemaAssistant of Biology
Piyapatr BusababodhinAssociate of Mathematics
Piyaporn SaensoukAssociate of Biology
Piyatida PimvichaiAssistant of Biology
Poramate ChunpangAssistant of Physics
Porntip AtichartAssistant of Biology
Prapairat SeephonkaiAssociate of Chemistry
Prapart Pue-onAssistant of Mathematics
Prasong SrihanamAssociate of Chemistry
Prathan SreevilaiAssistant of Physics
Prayook SrivilaiAssociate of Biology
Preecha SriprapakhanAssistant of Physics
Pronnipa WijranjitAdministration Officer, Practitioner Levelpronnipa_pui@hotmail.comSecretary Office
(Administration Group)
Raddaporn phansomphopAdministration Office, Professional of Mathematics
Rakrudee SarnthimaAssistant of Chemistry
Ratchaneekorn PilasombatAssociate of Chemistry
Ratchanoo KannumarnEducator, Practitioner Office
(Academic and Student Development Group)
Ritthikrai of Physics
Rojanee HomchaleeAssistant of Mathematics
Ruddawan NasrikenFinance and Accounting Analyst, Practitioner Levelruddawan_n@hotmail.comSecretary Office
(Policy and Finance Group)
Rungrudee of Biology
Sakboworn TumpeesuwanAssistant of Biology
Saowanee RattanawanEducator, Practitioner Office
(Academic and Student Development Group)
Saranyou KhammuangAssistant of Chemistry
Sasiprapa KhunchuenAdministration Office
(Policy and Finance Group)
Senee KruanetrAssistant of Chemistry
Simma KannumarnAudio-Visual Technical OfficerSecretary Office
(Administration Group)
Siriluck JermjitpornchaiAssistant of Mathematics
Siripit PitchuanchomAssistant of Chemistry
Siripuk SurapornAssistant of Biology
Siriyaporn SangaroonAssistant of Physics
Somchai keawwangchaiAssistant of Chemistry
Suchai of Chemistry
Suchat of Physics
Suchira of Biology
Sujitta SurapheeAssistant of Mathematics
Sukanya SaramakhomAdministration of Biology
Sukonthip SavatenalintonAssociate of Biology
Sumalee ChookhampaengAssistant of Biology
Sunan SaikrasunAssociate of Chemistry
Sunanta of Biology
Suneerat of Physics
Supachai of Physics
Supakan Office
(Academic and Student Development Group)
Supakorn HarnsoongnoenAssociate of Physics
Supaksiri of Chemistry
Supaluk AttharangsanAssistant of Chemistry
Supawadee of Mathematics
Supunnikar BuudwongEducator, Practitioner Level (Graduate Program Coordinator) Office
(Academic and Student Development Group)
Surasak of Biology
Surat WestrattanachatEducator, Professional Office
(Academic and Student Development Group)
Suravech of Biology
Suteera VijanjitSupply Analyst, Practitioner Office
(Policy and Finance Group)
Suthira ManeechaiAssistant of Biology
Suwan? of Biology
Tasawan KeawwangchaiAssistant of Chemistry
Taweechai of Physics
Teerachai of Chemistry
Teeraporn KatisartAssistant of Biology
Teerawong LaosuwanAssociate of Physics
Thana YeeramAssociate of Physics
Thanadech of Physics
Theeraphol of Chemistry
Theerasak ThongyanComputer Technical Officer, Practitioner Office
(Administration Group)
Thirawat NackonchomAudio-Visual Technical of Mathematics
Thitichaya of Physics
Thitiya of Mathematics
Tissadee of Physics
Urit Charoen-InAssistant of Physics
Uthai SakeeAssociate of Chemistry
Uthumporn DeesriAssistant of Biology
Vallaya SutthikhumAssociate of Chemistry
Wanchai of Biology
Wanida NueangoudomPlan and Policy Analyst, Practitioner Office
(Policy and Finance Group)
Wannachai ChatanAssociate of Biology
Wannapa thongkamAdministration Classrooms in University-Affiliated
School Project (SCiUSMSU)
Waraporn Classrooms in University-Affiliated
School Project (SCiUSMSU)
Waraporn SutthisaAssistant of Biology
Warud NakkhasenAssistant of Mathematics
Wasan MaiaugreeAssistant of Physics
Watchara KanchanarachAssistant of Biology
Watcharaphong SaisawangAdministration Classrooms in University-Affiliated
School Project (SCiUSMSU)
Watsaka SiriangkhawutAssistant of Chemistry
Wattana WongsapDriver, Operational LevelSecretary Office
(Administration Group)
Weerawoot ArunwattanaAssistant of Physics
Widchaya RadchatawedchakoonAssistant of Chemistry
Wilawan PrompromAssociate of Biology
Winya of Chemistry
Wipawee TangjaiAssistant of Mathematics
Wiriya ThongsomboonLecturerDepartment of Chemistry
Witchaya of Mathematics
Woranan NakbanpoteAssociate of Biology
Wutthisat ChokkueaAssistant of Physics
Wuttichai UdthtaranichEducatorwut.kaedam@gmail.comDepartment of Biology
Yannawut of Biology
Yaowalak SrisuwanScientist, Senior Professional of Chemistry
Yodthong BaimarkAssociate of Chemistry
Yuthana of Physics